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Commercial Tiling - Tiling Contractor in Illawarra Region

Are you searching for reputable Commercial Tiling Services? Do you feel that your business interior is boring or outdated? Today, in a world where business strategies matter, there the commercial interior also counts. However, we often neglect to look into how our commercial space looks. As a result, spending tons of time hiring the right people and planning the perfect strategy doesn’t reward you well.

The Best Commercial Tiling Professionals in Wollongong

Are you confused about whether to go for professional tiling or self-tiling? Well, often people do consider tiling their space on their own. However, when you do take risks, it’s essential to know the consequences too. This mainly includes the uneven or undesired tiling outcome. Most people consider this as an easy task and end up ruining the entire look. That’s mostly because even then, it requires perfection.

Therefore, with Tilers Wollongong‘s professional service, you can be sure of the results. This would eliminate the risks and leave you with the desired outlook. Altogether, you can please more customers with the tiled interior of your business.

Now gaining all this just at the cost of hiring professional tilers isn’t stupid. So why take any risks? Besides, we believe in making your commercial space look flourish with our expertise.

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    What is Commercial Tiling?

    Does the term commercial tiling make you confused? Well, before you start searching for it, let us clear it for you. Now, this is mainly tiling of your commercial space or business. This can include a café, restaurant, mall, or a real estate business. Commercial floor tiles can be a part of your business’s interior to help attract more customers. After all, who doesn’t like to visit attractive looking shops and cafés? We all do!

    Waiter arranging a restaurant table. The floor has been tiled in black and white marble commercial tiling

    Which is better porcelain or ceramic tile?

    Porcelain tiles are harder and don’t allow for liquid passing through them. Now commercial ceramic tiles are recommended for interior walls and floors. But when it comes to porcelain tiles, they work as a more durable option. That’s mainly because of their difference in the clays and raw materials. As a result, for tiling in a commercial place with larger traffic, porcelain tiles can serve you the best way. Additionally, they are easy to clean – a bonus for the cleaners.

    Picture of a commercial tiling toilet with light grey tiles on the floor and dark grey on the walls. there are 3 zincs and 3 urinal.

    Why choose Wollongong Tilers for your Commercial Tiling Jobs?

    Are you still confused about why you need to choose Wollongong Tilers? Honestly, we believe in serving you with not just professional work but also friendly services. Nowadays, it’s hard to hire people who understand your desires and work accordingly. You often end up having what they want instead.

    However, we believe tiling work should fulfil your dream expectations. Therefore, with tiling perfection, we ensure that you gain the results that you want. Additionally, no matter how many queries you have, we’re there to answer you. So you can be sure to trust us entirely before hiring our services.

    So whether it’s your first or third time tiling your café, we’ll deal with you the same helpful way. You just need to let us know how you want your business to look. Then you’ll get the same vibes with our best of tiling work. Now with all this, what more can you ask for?

    What is commercial grade tile?

    While looking for the best tiles, you must have heard about commercial-grade tiles, right? For anyone unfamiliar, these tiles are specially designed for commercial use. You can consider them to manage high levels of foot traffic firmly. And while they do that, these tiles don’t even lose their design or attraction.

    Altogether, you can say that they can be the best option for your restaurant floor tile. No matter how many customers you get, these tiles will handle the traffic easily. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

    Tiler placing a tile on a wall for a commercial toilet tiling services

    How much does a Commercial Tiling Job cost?

    It’s obvious for anyone to consider the price before buying anything. However, if you aren’t aware of a commercial floor tiling rate, don’t just go making false assumptions. Just cause you’re going for marble tiles or cheap tiles, doesn’t mean the tiling would cost accordingly too.

    For a clearer view, professional commercial tilers can cost anything between $30/$45 on average up to $100/$120 per square meter. The final rate depends upon both the tile material and the intensity of the work. And in the end, it pays you off too!

    Double sink commercial tiling toilet. There are also double mirror fitted

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    So what are you still thinking about? Whether to invest that money or not? Well, making your business look outclass always helps. As a result, that can make your business do wonders. So why think so much about spending a little in the way of that huge success outcome?

    Just come along, contact us, let us know about your desired outcome – and wait for the magic to happen.

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