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Tilers Shellharbour

At Tilers Shellharbour, we are known to be a brand that deals with tiling for both residential and commercial areas. We offer our complete services, including tile stripping, tile re-grouting, tile repairs and anti-slip floor finishes. Not only do we clean the tiles, but we also repair them and apply an anti-slip finish to maintain their smoothness.
Our team of professional tilers are equipped with enough experience and knowledge to handle all your tile and grout needs. With years of experience behind us, we have come a long way, and in fact, we are known for our quality workmanship in all our areas of service. Tilers Shellharbour offers an easy and convenient way to maintain your tiles by providing you with a cost-effective solution that is both quick and efficient.
Here at Tilers Shellharbour, we use high-quality products to ensure that the work we do will last a long time. Our team of professional tilers takes pride in delivering superior workmanship and service by always going the extra mile. So whatever your requirements are you can be sure that we will accommodate them with a guaranteed result.

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    Our Tilers Shellharbour Services

    The Best Tilers Shellharbour

    Tilers Shellharbour

    Tilers Shellharbour is the leading provider of tiling company in Wollongong.

    At Tilers Shellharbour, we offer a wide range of services, including kitchen tiling, bathroom tiling, tile removal, commercial tiling and outdoor tiling. With years of experience behind us, we have come a long way and in fact, we are known for our quality workmanship in all our areas of service.

    Kitchen Tiling

    Tiling your kitchen is a great way to give your kitchen a fresh makeover. Kitchen tiles can be used as mosaic tiles or as large format tiles. We do ceramic and glass mosaics, porcelain and glass tiles, marble and granite tiles for floor and wall tiling. You need to ensure your kitchen is installed with the right type of tile which best suits your kitchen ambience, including glass, porcelain, mosaics, ceramic.
    The different types of tiles that can be used in the kitchen include granite, mosaic glass tiles, and ceramic tiles. Granite is a natural stone with its elegance and durability, lasting for years without any maintenance. Mosaic glass tiles give a modern look to the kitchen. Available in different colours, including black, white, grey, blue & green, and various finishes such as shiny or matte. Tiles can also be finished with mosaics or metallic chips for an eye-catching design.

    Tiling on the kitchen wall

    Bathroom tiling

    At Tilers Shellharbour, we have a variety of bathroom tiles and designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also water-resistant. Hence your bathroom tiling installation is guaranteed to last for years without discolouration or damage. Apart from the tiles, we offer other essential services such as cleaning and regrouting the tiles at affordable rates to ensure you get value for money.
    Bathroom tiling requires precise measurements since there are no roomy countertops like kitchen counters. We make sure to provide well-fitting tiles that do not leave any gaps or spaces between them.
    You also need to be careful when choosing the type of tiling for your bathroom. It is best to start with a small section and ensure that you like the appearance before continuing with the rest of the room. There are several bathroom tile ideas which can give your bathroom a modern look. The most common designs include mixed tiles using plain tiles, mosaics or other geometric patterns such as hexagonal or octagonal shape tiles. However our team of experts is well trained in this area and will successfully complete your job on time and within budget.

    Grey tiles on bathroom walls

    Commercial Tiling

    Commercial tiling is very popular when dealing with large areas where there are lots of tiles to install. It is best to choose cement tiles for commercial projects instead of ceramic because they are stronger and will last for many years.
    Commercial tiling will depend on the establishment. A hotel will have different tiles compared to a burger van. Depending on the nature of business, you may use brighter colours for hotels and restaurants, while you can go more subtle with your colour choice for offices or shops. Our team of professionals have installed many commercial projects, and we know exactly what business owners need when it comes to their tiles. Flooring is extremely important for such places, that’s why it should be carefully selected.

    Tiling done on acommercial bathroom

    Tiles Removal

    If you need to remove any old ceramic or enamelled surface from your kitchen so you can start afresh with new tiles, we will take care of this for you too. Tile removal can be done carefully and without too much mess. Simply keep the dust under control, sweep up all debris and vacuum thoroughly afterwards. Your walls will be completely clean after removal and can then be prepped for your new tiles application.
    Tile removal can also turn out to be expensive though it depends on what type of surface you have to re-tile. Without any question, the easiest way to remove tiles is by using a heat gun. But this solution can cost you few hundred dollars. Some DIY solutions are available that use other heating devices but these should be avoided because they can damage your walls or even cause a fire.
    Ceramic tiles are easy to remove, while some other tiles are more difficult to remove. Vinyl is tough to remove unless you use chemicals. If your floor is vinyl, it would be too expensive to re-tile using the same method as removing ceramic or porcelain tiles. Removing tiles that contain asbestos also require professionals to do it.

    Tile being removed from a kitchen counter

    Outdoor tiling

    At Tilers Shellharbour, we also provide outdoor tiling. While it’s a lot more different to indoor tile installation due to more severe conditions, we can still get the job done right. Our team of expert construction industry professionals will review your project plans and develop an action plan that suits your needs best.
    When the outdoor area is tiled, it brings out the beauty that can’t be seen when it’s not. Having your outdoor space tiled gives the feel of a luxurious living area, which is why many people choose to have their outside areas tiled instead of using pavers.
    Outdoor tiles are made up of different materials that are more resistant to harsh weather conditions. They are usually made up of ceramic, porcelain, stone or marble. Outdoor tiles are easy to maintain and can last for a long time if they are properly maintained. Outdoor tile installation is even simpler than indoor tile, but it still requires some expertise in order to achieve the best results.

    A tiler tiling an outdoor space

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