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Are you thinking that tiling may be just what your home needs for a perfect makeover? Highly experienced in commercial and residential tiling, bathroom and kitchen renovations, and tile removal, tilers Port Kembla work in a variety of finishes, including porcelain and ceramic tiles, stone (limestone, granite, and marble), metal, glass, and even concrete pavers. We offer our tiling floor services in and around Port Kembla with a guarantee the results you get after our work will be oddly satisfying.

About Tilers Port Kembla

Tilers Port Kembla is a team of highly skilled workers and contractors with years of industry expertise. We are the masters of flooring in your region, offering diverse services that range from indoor, outdoor, commercial, bathroom, and kitchen tiling. Also, if you have old tiles that are just making your house or property look dull and boring, we can come to your place, remove those nasty, worn-out tiles, and install new ones of your choice.

We are in this industry for some time now. This has given us the opportunity to explore different flooring projects. From bathroom tiles to tiles for the pavement, we have done it all. We are licensed tilers, and all our staff is insured, ensuring that you and your property remain safe from any liabilities.

Our mission is to go beyond customer expectations and satisfaction. And we achieve this by providing high-quality services, following industry standards, recommending the right products that fit one’s budget, and offering value.

Simply put, we are experts in tile layout, and we can help you select!

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    About Port Kembla

    Port Kembla is a suburb in Wollongong and is part of the Illawarra region of New South Wales. It houses one of the largest industrial complexes in the entire Australia, accompanied by a small harbour foreshore nature reserve, a seaport, and a small commercial sector. The term ‘Kembla’ is an Aboriginal Australian word that translates to “Plenty of wildfowl.”

    The suburb is home to a remarkably self-sufficient society with 99% Port Kembla workforce living locally. It is a place where you will see an impressive cultural diversity, with migrants from all over the world, including Germany, Macedonia, Italy, and the United Kingdom calling this small beautiful place their home. What’s interesting about this industrial town is that the community has managed to curb the significant industrial pollution. The air quality in Port Kembla has revamped magnificently over the last decade. The place has some leisure facilities like parks and beaches, and nature reserves, among other things.

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    Port Kembla Beach

    Given its popularity, Port Kembla Beach is soon expected to become the next Bondi Beach where thousands of visitors flock for a great beach day. It is one of the most prestigious beaches in Wollongong and known for the surf club – Surf Life Saving Club, which was established in 1910.

    Port Kembla Beach is a working-class suburb that comes in large numbers just to get the steam off after working the entire weekday. Since it is only 11 kilometres south of Wollongong, people can easily commute. You will see a lot of coastal activities happening at the beach. People love surfing there, and there is a large Olympic size saltwater pool for visitors to just sit around and chill and engage in water games and activities. The beach is not dog-friendly, so if you are planning to visit there, make sure you leave your furry friends at home.

    Tilers Woonona installing a tile on a bathroom renovation project
    Woonona Tilers spreading tile adhesive on a flooring installation
    Newly renovating bathroom in white colour tiles for a residential client
    Tiler installing a kitchen splashback in white tiles

    Port Kembla Port

    Port Kembla Port is an international portal for industries across the globe. From mining to construction and agriculture, it is one of the busiest ports in Australia and the largest in New South Wales. What’s more is that it is home to the second-largest coal export port, the largest grain export terminal, and the largest motor vehicle import hub.

    The port has been approved by the New South Wales Government as NSW’s next container terminal after Port Botany nears capacity. It is well-positioned and established to handle the increased growth in freight volumes, thanks to its access to west and south-west and proximity to Sydney. The port is bread and butter to the majority of the population in the region, delivering over $543 million in Gross Regional Product to the Illawarra. Above all, the port operates 24/7, ensuring that the activities, transfers, and exchange carries on.

    Night picture of the Port of Port Kembla, South Wollongong, NSW

    Our Tilers Port Kembla Services

    Tilers Port Kembla offers a wide range of services to the residents in the region. We work with you from the beginning to the end, delivering unmatched tiling services to promise you get the result you are looking for. Our expert tilers and contractors eagerly look forward to helping our clients with different tiling projects, including renovations. We work with residential and commercial clients, and even architects, designers, property managers, real estate agents and builders. Whether it is kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles, or flooring of your new office, we are the right team to contact. Our range of services include:

    Outdoor Tiling by Tilers Port Kembla

    Tilers Port Kembla can take your outdoor space to a new level with outdoor tiling and installations. Whether creating a new atmosphere from scratch or remodelling an old landscape, we boast the expertise you need for the most functional and luxurious outdoor floor tiles. Our team of experienced designers and tilers promises to deliver outstanding results. Outdoor spaces can be enjoyed year-round or as a seasonal use space. And given the weather in Port Kembla, outdoor spaces are meant to be enjoyed year-round. We will suggest you the right blend of colours and textures to enhance the value and beauty of your exteriors.

    Staff from Tilers Port Kembla laying floor ceramic tiles

    Tiles Removal Services

    Tilers Port Kembla help with choosing new flooring, removing old flooring, and installing new flooring. Our local flooring and tiles removal experts are here to help you with any questions or concerns regarding tiles removal cost and installation. We aim to be your one-stop shop when it comes to all things tiles and flooring. Removing tiles is a messy job, but it doesn’t have to be. We make sure that no dust or residue contaminates the indoor air quality in your house or building. Our tilers use the right tile chipping instruments to bring up the tile dust-free.

    Tiler spreading tile adhesive on the floor

    Kitchen Tiling

    When it comes to kitchen tiling, there are literally thousands of options available. And since the kitchen is the focal point and core of any house, the flooring needs to be perfect. For comfortable, beautiful, and kitchen tiling in your home, look no further than the expert tilers Port Kembla. Remodelling a kitchen or crafting a new one from scratch can be overwhelming. There is a lot of pressure on homeowners to get things done perfectly at one go. Whether it is old tiles repair or new tiles installation, we will offer you kitchen splashback tiles that are built to last longer.

    Tilers Port Kembla tradie placing spacers in between floor tiles
    Wall mosaic tiles in terracotta colours with white grout

    Bathroom Tiling in Illawarra

    Bathroom tiling reinvents your existing bathroom and a pinch of luxury to it. With years of industry expertise, we can suggest some of the most authentic tiling options that will not only introduce a classical or modern touch to your bathing space but also protect it against dampness and water. Waterproofing bathroom is something that every homeowner in Port Kembla prefers. Our expert tilers will guide you through different bathroom tiles that are externally incredibly beautiful and internally water-resistant. We use the latest techniques and equipment to take on bathroom installation and renovation projects to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

    Tiler installing floor ceramic tiles in for a kitchen renovation service in Port Kembla

    Commercial Tiling in South Wollongong

    Whether you own a workspace in the suburbs or a retail store or any other commercial property that needs a quick floor refurbishment, tilers Port Kembla will be at your rescue. From the elegance of a large tiled surface in a corporate office to a rough and tough factory flooring, our commercial tiling services cater to different needs based on the building structure and activities that take place there. We have built a solid reputation as an experienced and go-to tiler in Port Kembla for any commercial tiling project. We choose tiles for commercial buildings carefully to meet your professional standards.

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