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Illawarra Performing Arts Centre

About Illawarra Performing Arts Centre

Welcome to the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre, the heart of the Wollongong Arts Precinct! Here, you’ll find the region’s premier performing arts complex and a hub of creativity and artistic expression. But that’s not all – the IPAC is also home to The Social, a one-of-a-kind café and bar that boasts a gorgeous al fresco space to relax and enjoy a drink. And if you’re looking for top-notch theatre productions, look no further than Merrigong Theatre Company – they manage the IPAC and bring a diverse range of professional plays to the stage. Come in, sit down, and let the magic of the IPAC transport you to new worlds of beauty and imagination!

The Illawarra Performing Arts Centre warmly welcomes individuals with access needs and goes above and beyond to ensure their comfort and enjoyment. With thoughtful accommodations, including wheelchair accessibility and fixtures to aid balance for those with limited mobility, everyone can fully experience the magic of the arts. Come and join us for a welcoming and inclusive night of entertainment.


What to do at Illawarra Performing Arts Centre

Nestled within the bustling hub of Wollongong’s artistic district lies the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre (IPAC), a beloved and revered hub for the performing arts. With its three dynamic spaces, IPAC embraces an eclectic range of performances, from internationally acclaimed theatre, music, dance, comedy, and children’s programming – as well as a bevy of community events. Serving as the venue manager for IPAC is the vivacious Merrigong Theatre Company, which not only manages the venue but also produces and presents a diverse range of cutting-edge contemporary theatre. Fondly named after an early European exploration of the Illawarra, “Merrigong” is believed to be derived from the Aboriginal word for “beautiful place.”

Located in the vibrant Wollongong Arts Precinct, the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre (IPAC) is the stage where local and national performers come to shine. Boasting an impressive al fresco space, The Social café and bar is a popular pre-show destination, providing the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends over a cold brew or a delicious bite to eat. Come along and experience the magic of live theatre at IPAC – your one-stop shop for entertainment in the Illawarra.

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One local company in Wollongong that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Tilers Wollongong

Address: 2 Gooyong Street, Keiraville NSW 2500

Phone: (02) 4263 0693

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